Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Solving decision-making problems

Decision-Making is hard work. How often do we procrastinate on making decisions? Wait, wait, maybe we know more tomorrow! Or another day ...

One of the key issues is missing decisiveness. Making decisions is hard, because we are not well trained to decide. Although we know many decision-making tools, they are seldomly used. Why? Because we all do not concentrate on decision making and getting better at it. Like a top athlete, we need to train and prepare our decision making skills. Plus we need to review our decision-making performance.

Getting better at decision making

How many of you keep a list of todos? Do you keep a list of all the decisions required by you and by when? If you create an inventory of the necessary decisions, you are all of a sudden astonished: You are making many more decisions than you are aware. But you are definitely aware of the decisions that you are delaying or which feel difficult or those where you do not like the outcome.

Solving decision-making problems is a challenging task requiring more decisions and a standard approach:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

About Clear Decisions

Clear Decisions is a blog by management consultant Torsten Becker. Torsten has experience in numerous projects in software development, product development, supply chain and in line management positions. Based on over 20 years of work experience, Torsten uses this blog to help the readers to make better decisions.

Decision-Making Search Trends

When looking at the Google Trends for the term decision making, there are some interesting trends to identify. The following chart was created comparing the terms decision making and change management.

The diagrams depicts the relative search volume for the two terms on a weekly basis.


Decisions are hard or very hard. But we have to decide continuously:
  • select what to wear in the morning 
  • select the right lane on the way to work 
  • prioritize tasks for the day
  • select food at lunch
  • select the right architecture
  • decide on the new marketing campaign
  • decide what team event to plan
  • choose a theme for the next company outing

What is a decision?

Wikipedia defines a decision as "... the selection between possible actions ...".  A decision helps to set a course of actions. In order to be able to decide, you must be in a situation where the two ore more alternative actions and you need to choose one over the other. Decision making is the process of selecting.