Thursday, September 22, 2011

Decision-Making Search Trends

When looking at the Google Trends for the term decision making, there are some interesting trends to identify. The following chart was created comparing the terms decision making and change management.

The diagrams depicts the relative search volume for the two terms on a weekly basis.

While the search traffic for the term change management remains constant with an exception of the year-end holiday season, searching for decision making has a spring and autumn high. Do people prefer to decide in these periods? Are there any higher decision pressures in this time of the year? Or is decision making a term that students research a lot? Why is April the month, where people are looking most often for decision making in the spring?

Regardless of the reasons behind this strange behavior, decision making is searched more often than change management in nearly all weeks for the last 2 plus years, with the exception of 6 data points. In total, decision making searches outrank change management searches by 23 per cent.

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