Thursday, September 22, 2011


Decisions are hard or very hard. But we have to decide continuously:
  • select what to wear in the morning 
  • select the right lane on the way to work 
  • prioritize tasks for the day
  • select food at lunch
  • select the right architecture
  • decide on the new marketing campaign
  • decide what team event to plan
  • choose a theme for the next company outing

What is a decision?

Wikipedia defines a decision as "... the selection between possible actions ...".  A decision helps to set a course of actions. In order to be able to decide, you must be in a situation where the two ore more alternative actions and you need to choose one over the other. Decision making is the process of selecting.

Why is making a decision hard?

The selection process leads to only one set of actions to pursue. While there are many implicit decisions, many individuals are overwhelmed with making clear decisions about this future set of actions. They do not know all the alternatives, they do not find easy to evaluate between the different options and they are not clear or afraid about the consequences. In groups, it is even more difficult to come to an agreement. 

What can you do to improve your decision making skills?

Decision making can be learned, since there are many tools available to gather options, to evaluate options or to generate an unbiased selection. This blog will focus on discussing tools and approaches for decision making as well as examples for good or bad decisions.

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