Monday, December 26, 2011

Four Step Decision-Making Process

Another four step decision-making process:

Decision-Making Process by Turban, Aronson, and Liang

The process described here is directed at computer supported decision making. Intelligence is collecting information, design the process to generate a decision support system, choice the support for selecting the right solution and implementation the execution of the choice.

1 Intelligence: Collecting information, scanning reports, queries, comparisons
2 Design: Creativity, find and develop alternative solutions for the decision, create a model to support the decision making
3 Choice: Finalize the model, compare and select, perform sensitivity analysis
4 Implementation: Put solution into action

The overall process is described in general steps. The four steps are not really labeled with actions. The description of the underlying activities is not very clear from the high level.

The process is geared toward the use of computer aided decision tools. The design phase will be more important for the system supporting the decision making than for the alternative solutions.The border between design and choice is somewhat fuzzy, since it not really clear, where the solution design and where the model design end. The list of activities is much more telling than the steps, the step labels are more informative than in the 2 Step Process.

Here is a link to the book from Turban et al, which describes this 4 Step Process in more detail:

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