Monday, January 2, 2012

Comparing Different Decision Processes

When comparing the different decision processes for optional tasks, this is the result:

You can see from the table, that the processes vary from 2 to 8 steps. In total, there are 15 different steps listed in order to make all processes comparable.

The processes are broken down in a frontend, middle part and backend. The frontend is about the planning and defining the decision, the middle part is about making the selection and the end part is about implementing the selected choice and reviewing the results. The middle part is mostly populated, while the frontend is covered more than the backend. The more steps, the more likely there is a contents for the backend. While many discuss the success of the decision based on the implementation, nearly half of the processes never cover the implementation.

From the steps with the lowest counts per occurrence, the point select decision method and develop an implementation plan/identify potential blocks are the one, that caught my attention. In my view, the 15 different tasks are not equally important, but all are required to make a very good decision.

Here are the different decision processes for choosing options described in more detail:
More information about different decision making processes: List of all reviewed decision-making processes.

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